About GoldMax

GoldMax is a nationwide privately held company that purchases gold, silver and platinum. In addition, GoldMax also purchases high-end watches, diamonds, coins, paper currency, and silver flatware and serving dishes.

What employees say

“Because I get to interact with customers and my managers and mentors do everything possible to make sure I am confident in my career. ”
“I feel important. The owners are approachable and willing to listen to any changes or concerns that we may have. The best company that I have ever worked for. ”
“I feel that my talents and skills are valued.”
“The people I work with are not just co-workers, they are also family.”
“They listen to my concerns and are willing to consider changes I suggest.”
“They have an open door policy. Corporate members, mentors and all employees make sure that I feel comfortable and they are always there to assist with questions and frustrations.”
Where to find GoldMax